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Necessary precautions have been taken to ensure the safety of you, the system user and our customers. You can send us your requests, opinions and questions by filling out the communication forum.


There are security measures implemented by our company to prevent loss of information, unauthorized use and unauthorized modification of information on our site. These security measures are: 1 – Your credit card information is transmitted to our bank in encrypted form with Secure Socket Layer, thanks to credit card collection with SSL Security Certificate. 2 – Your credit card number is never recorded. We just don’t know your card number used at the time of your transaction. Although this transaction, which is only between you and our bank, is through our site, your credit card is a secret between you and our bank during the transaction. 3 – Our site works with the world standard Linux-CentOS Server technology. The latest known protections have been installed and are constantly monitored to prevent any mishaps.

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Our users have the right to change all their information registered on our site at any time.